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Cozumel Tours

COZUMEL, the Island of the Swallows

Cozumel, a Carribean Ocean Island off the eastern coast of Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. It is a welcoming tourist destination known for beach resorts, great SCUBA diving and snorkeling tours.

Cozumel emerged as a popular diving destination after 1956 movie by Rene Cardon 'Un Mundo Nuevo' translated into English as 'New World'. The movie was shot under Cozumel crystal clear waters, what is now known as the Cordona Reef, which is a part of Palancar Reef.

Today, the Island still thrives from tourism, diving and charter fishing. SCUBA diving and snorkeling tours in Cozumel are still number one "to do" activities in Cozumel and are considered one of the best in the world. The coral reef is healthy and doing great, protected by Cozumel Reef National Park and by nature (geography) from the open water.

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